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Although a photo is "merely" an image captured in time, I believe that there is a real art to finding the right time, the right vantage point, and the manipulation of light. Photography is the critical documentation of history and it not only holds a view into the past, it also resonates an emotional feeling of that moment. The magical evolution of digital photography has brought this artform into the hands of complete amatures who have transformed into total professionals. I started with 35mm black & white film and through the years have evolved to a higher level, but I am thrilled to know that there is always room to grow as a photography artist and there is always a subject on the horizon that will become a great image. This on-line portfolio attempts to provide a sample of some of the places that I have visited and projects that I have taken on. Click the buttons to the right to view images and information for the different categories and see below for my outline of credentials and credits.

IES Illumination Award of Merit for L'Auberge Del Mar Resort in California


I have never formally studied photography, but I have collected over a dozen books on the art and technique of photography. I had the opportunity to use a dark room for free when I worked at Fort Huachuca and I had someone show me the ropes of developing black and white photos there. I developed some pictures that I had taken with a timer on an old 35mm Pentax Camera of the rock and roll band that I was in at the time. I learned some cool techniques, but I haven't been in a dark room since then. I feel fortunate though that I started with 35mm film and had to learn a little bit about exposure and aperture settings before the advent of the digital camera.


Architectural photos were incorporated in the submittal that lead to a Lighting Design Award of Merit for L'Auberge Del Mar Resort in Del Mar, California - Illumination Engineering Society 2010.
The State Capital photos were honored with being named gallery of the week by @HOME internet service providers nationwide in 1999 (Awarded with an Intel web camera).

Published Images

Magazines: Kontakt (Lighting Design: Art & Technology, February 2008), Nashville Parent (February 2009).

Websites: of course, Creative Designs in Lighting (, Sullivan Designs, Inc. (no longer on-line), I.C. Thomasson Associates (

CD Covers: Ray Wheeler & The Edge (Debut CD with Gemini Records), Kristy Deck (Sunbathin' In The Nude), Dawna Bradford (Time For Me).

Speaking Engagements

Architectural Photography - Illumination Engineering Society, Phoenix, Arizona, 2008.


Photoshop CS and Dreamweaver.


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