Fleur't Fashion show with body painting on Lynette and Sonja

Fleur't Fashion Show
at the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction

January 16th - Scottsdale, Arizona

Fleur't, the trendy boutique at the Shops at Gainey, ranch made a loud statement at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson Car Auction. Fleur't presented a 21-and-over risque fashion show that rivaled the scenes in LA and NY and left the Scottsdale audience in shock and awe. Several hundred people crowded the venue (aptly christened "The Garage") as the models traversed the runway wearing as little as possible to showcase the latest in custom fashions for men and women.

My role in the extravaganza was to be the opening act for the fashion show. I did two live bodypainting demonstrations while the patrons entered the arena and took their seats. Fleur't wanted me to track down a pair of top models and I contacted two models that are most definately on my "A" list. Lynette Brooks and Sonja Allen both accepted the gig and completed my opening act exhibition.

In keeping with the theme, I opted to paint them both in black and silver lingerie. Skimpy black thongs were the only "real' clothing they were wearing, but backstage I painted fleur-de-lis (the Fleur't logo) on their nipples before we took the stage. Stephano, a co-owner of Fleur't, asked me to wear all black. I reached into my 80's metal closet and found a sequined black shirt and adorned my head in a black top hat to accentuate that this was true performance art.

I first painted on the black bras with Wolfe Brothers paint. Using a piece of lace as a stencil I added silver trim to the bras with a Badger airbrush. The fishnet stockings were next. I used real fishnets as a stencil and then airbrushed the black paint through the holes. Additional lace trims were added to the stockings and to the panties. Next up was a fleur-de-lis that was painted on with spirit gum and then doused with glitter. The finishing touch was Kryolan silver glitter spray. Once complete, I took a bow in response to the crowds emphatic applause while the models took a trip down the runway.

Unfortunately, I was not able to set up a legitimate photoshoot for this event, so I only have a few backstage snapshots to share. Photographer Dave Seibert from the AZ Republic did send me two very artsy pictures of me painting Lynette and I have included them below. Thanks Dave.

Lynette Brooks in lingerie bodypaint Barrett-Jackson Car Auction Garage show Spraying Lynette Brooks with Kryolan Glitter Spray Sonja Allen in bodypainted lingerie


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