My new book "Coats of Paint - The Body Art of Mark Greenawalt"


I have had my work published in several books. Here is a selection of a few of them. Infected by Art included my digital illustration of Moriah from the film Helsing in Volume 2 and the my fantasy illustration "Mech" in Volume 4. Click the images to order your copy from

Bodyssey &
Beyond 2016

Moon Shadows
by Collette Black

Cover Illustration
by Mark



Welcome to my on-line store. I myself bought many of the books, videos, and magazines shown on this page and they proved to be very inspirational to my art. Hopefully you will find something here that will inspire you too.

Here is a selection of bodypainting books, magazines, and videos.

Here are some other items that are related to special effects make-up, face painting, and make-up artistry

Once the paint has washed away, all you're left with is the photograph. With this in mind, I studied all of the photography guidebooks that I could get my hands on. There are quite a few tricks of the trade in photography that can really enhance the quality of body art. Here are some books on photography.





Lifecasts are like sculptures, but they are actually poured molds from living models.  Below are a few lifecasts with one-of-a-kind original paintings by Mark Greenawalt.  The artist who created the lifecasts is Byur Gullwing.  Send an e-mail to [email protected] to order lifecasts.


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Photo enlargements of the bodypainting images by Mark Greenawalt are available for purchase.  Please e-mail [email protected] for availability of desired image, sizes, and pricing.

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