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I have had a passion for art, especially Fantasy Illustration for as long as I can remember. Some of my greatest inspiration to become a fantasy illustrator came from the book covers by Boris Vallejo (The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven) and Michael Whelan (Stormbringer by Michael Moorcock) and of course the Molly Hatchet album covers by Frank Frazetta. Hopefully my work will one day inspire a young artist the way these masters have inspired me. Here are my first forrays into the world of fantasy illustration. I hope you enjoy the scenes, the characters, and your interpretations of the stories behind them. The images on this page are all available as fine art prints. Thank you for your interest and support of my creative endeavors!

Digital Art Gallery

Vampire Queen Moria from Helsing Film with makeup and illustration by Mark Greenawalt
Vampire Queen Moria
Lady Death cover for limited edition comic book Tribulation 1 - Grave Robber by Mark Greenawalt
Lady Death - Graverobber

Vampirella wades in a river of blood on the planet Drakulon in this Mark Greenawalt fantasy illustration featuring model LeeAnna Vamp
Vampirella - Hot Blooded

The Huntress Aumere fantasy illustration based on leopard bodypainting at DarkCon by Mark Greenawalt
The Huntress Aumere
Call of the Banshee fantasy illustration based on body painting at Phoenix ComiCon with model Freddie Nova.
Call of the Banshee
Mammoth fantasy illustration features the tattooed elephant with her master in the shallow pools of Africa
Moonbeam Butterfly Fantasy Illustration with Sarah Elizabeth Bowers by Mark Greenawalt
Moonbeam Butterfly
Black Widow Mystique hero fantasy illustration features spfx artist and model Casey Kaki painted by Mark Greenawalt
Black Widow Mystique
High Throne of Aurora Fantasy Illustration featuring model Aurora O'Brien by Mark Greenawalt
High Throne of Aurora
Ice Blonde Trooper Sci-Fi Illustration from Heinlein Starship Troopers featuring model Lessa Michelle by Mark Greenawalt
Ice Blonde Trooper
Mission Bells introduces Maria Muerta from Brian Pulido with Illustration by Mark Greenawalt with model reference Desiree Srinivas
Mission Bells
Arachne is the mythological spider woman as portrayed by model Paris Harshman and her victim Matthew Lenzi in the dark illustration by Mark Greenawalt
Elric of Melnibone and his cousin Cymoril in a battle of Chaos where the sword Stormbringer waits to drink the sould of a creature from the depths of the sea Illustrated by Mark Greenawalt
Elric and Cymoril
(Based on the Michael Moorcock Elric Series)
Villikon Chronicles Proclivty Cover Art Illustration by Mark Greenawalt - Craft of Zemlya
Craft of Zemlya
(Villikon Chronicles: Prolivity Cover)
Leucosia's Trophy Art Illustration by Mark Greenawalt
Leucosia's Dream
Running With The Pack Fantasy Illustration by Mark Greenawalt
Running With The Pack
Book of Spells Fantasy Illustration by Mark Greenawalt
Book of Spells
Wonder Woman vs. Medusa Fantasy Art Print by Mark Greenawalt Wonder Woman vs. Medusa Fantasy Art Print by Mark Greenawalt
Wonder Woman vs. Medusa - Titans
Rainmaker fantasy Illustration of water elemental sea nymph by Mark Greenawalt
Miss Krystle featured in the fantasy Illustration Glory by Mark Greenawalt
Fantasy Illustration of Jessica Jaymes by Mark Greenawalt entitled Adam's Crush
Adam's Crush


Conventional Art Gallery (Under Construction)

Conventional Acrylic Fantasy Illustration Painting by Mark Greenawalt entitled Angel of Saturn III
Angel of Saturn III
Bremusa fantasy Illustration oil painting from the Villikon Chronicles Genesis of Evil by Mark Greenawalt
Bremusa And Skylon



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